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Welcome to Golden Olympic Restaurant

Welcome to Golden Olympic Restaurant

Welcome to Golden Olympic RestaurantWelcome to Golden Olympic Restaurant

About Us

We're really old-school.

No, really. If you call us, a person will answer your call--unless we're closed or extremely busy. Your bill will be handwritten and sometimes completely legible. And although irrelevant to you, we still fax stuff.

The wheel still works well.

Our not-so-secret recipe: we believe in selecting and preparing food as we would for our family and friends, and charging for it as fairly and reasonably possible. And we keep clean, always!

We don't make our own ketchup.

Because somebody does it better. We make most of our dishes from scratch; our soups, hash browns, yogurt, dressings, sauces (among other things) are mostly made in-house. But we don't have a farm or garden or bakery behind the kitchen so we buy a lot of our products with the best of our intentions and judgment. Ask us about our products, and we'll be honest!